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Streets of San Francisco

Streets of San Francisco
Authors: Carrol and PJ
Pairings: Matt and Cody, Rick and TC

"Hello, yes this is Officer Night, may I speak to a TC."

"This is TC," he answered wondering why a cop was calling him and on his cell phone. His brain scrambled trying to remember if he had done anything wrong.   "How can I help you?"

"I'm calling in regards to a young man named Cody who states he's a friend of yours," the office answered. "He seems to be a bit lost and needs you to come down to the station and pick him up."

The only Cody TC knew was the young dancer he'd met at the club. "Sure, tell him I'll be there in about twenty minutes," he told the officer. He flipped his phone closed and scanned the room for his Dom. Not seeing him, TC grabbed his jacket and headed toward the entrance. "Hey Jim, if Rick comes looking for me, tell him I'll be back in about an hour," he said over his shoulder as he slipped out the door leaving the bouncer standing there with his mouth open.

Cody was glad he had stumbled into a police station. He had no idea where he was or how to find the hotel where was staying with Matt. The only thing he remembered about San Francisco was TC and his partner. He explained to the officer that he was trying to find a friend of his and for some reason his cell phone didn't work in this area. He was so grateful that the officer offered to call his friend to come and get him.

Cody put his face in his hands and felt something touch his neck. He reached up and fingered the motorcycle that hung from the chain. He missed Matt but he was so pissed at him for treating him like a child instead of his partner. All he had wanted to do was go across the street to see something and Matt had told him "No," and swatted him.

He heard the buzzer and looked up. "TC," he shouted and ran over to his friend. "Thank God you came," he told the other man.

Cody looked frantic and TC couldn't help but pull him into a hug. The younger man clung to him. "Easy, bud," he whispered. Finally Cody pushed back from TC, wiping his sleeve across his face. TC thanked the officer for his help and led his young friend outside. Once outside, he pulled Cody aside. "Cody, where's Matt?" he demanded. "I know he wouldn't let you roam the streets of Frisco alone."

Cody shrugged, "I…I sorta lost him."

"What do you mean, you sorta lost him?" TC questioned. "How can you sorta lose your master? He is still your master, isn't he?"

Cody gave him a sly smile, "Yes, he is still my Master. He was talking to someone about bikes, and I saw something interesting so I went to go look and when I turned around they were gone. I went to go find him and well, I got lost, so I found a police station and the nice officer called you, cuz our cells don't work in this part of Cali." Cody knew most of it was a lie but he was not going to tell TC that Matt had swatted him for being a brat. However the phone and the police were true. "Can we go to your Club I'm starved and thirsty?"

"Whoa, big guy, slow down," TC laughed.

Cody looked at his friend, "Sorry, I get excited when I'm nervous."

"OK, let's go, maybe Rick can figure this out," he said. He just hoped Rick would wait till they found Matt before he killed him for leaving without telling him where he was going.

At this time of day it was faster to walk back to the club than to try and hail a cab. Ten minutes later they walked into the club. Jim didn't look happy when he pulled TC aside. "You better never pull that shit again, kid," he growled.   "Rick's not happy that you left without telling him and he wasn't thrilled that I let you leave."

"I'm sorry, Jim. It was kinda an emergency and I didn't have time to explain," he apologized. "I'll tell Rick it wasn't your fault."

Jim ruffled TC's hair. "Ok, but you better go find your man before he finds you."

"I will but first I need to get Cody settled with something to eat."

"I'll handle that," Jim growled, "you go find Rick."

TC turned back to Cody. "Hey bud, go with Jim. He'll get you something to eat and I'll be back is a few minutes," he instructed.

Cody looked up at Jim and swallowed. "Umm water and pretzels are ok, I don't have much money on me," Cody told Jim as he followed him to a booth in the back.  He pulled at his shirt just a little to let his collar show so the doms would
leave him alone.  He slid into the booth and leaned his head back.  `God Matt is going to beat my ass when he finds me,' he thought as he closed his eyes.

Cody woke when Jim placed a soda, hamburger and fries on the table. "Dig in kid, it's on the house," he told Cody. "I'll be around if you need me."

"Thanks, Jim," he said looking around. "Where's TC?"

"He's talking with Rick," Jim answered. "He'll be back soon. Go ahead and eat."

Cody made short work of the meal before him. He was just finishing up when TC and Rick came into the club.  Cody shuttered when the big Dom guided his boy into the other side of the booth then slid in next to him. TC didn't look very
happy.  "Well, Cody, I hear you've misplaced your master," Rick said.

"Yeah, can you believe losing someone that big? Yeah, it was like one minute he was there and the next he was gone." Cody snapped his fingers and let out a small laugh. "Sorry dude, I didn't mean to get you in trouble" Cody told TC. Cody picked his napkin apart. He didn't like the idea of having to tell Rick
that he actually took off. Cody gave Rick a smile but could tell by the look on his face that he didn't believe him.

"You didn't get TC in trouble, Cody," Rick corrected the young man. "TC knows the rules and got himself in trouble." Placing his large hand over his boy's he said, "But we've taking care of it, haven't we, Pet?"

TC squirmed, "Yes, sir."

"So, tell me, Cody, where did you lose Matthew?" Rick asked.

Cody couldn't help but notice that one of Rick's eyebrows was raised. `Not a good sign,' he thought. "Um, we were at the motorcycle show." Swiping the small bits of napkin into a pile with his hand, he kept his head down. Taking a deep breath he started in, "And I went over to see something and when I turned around he was gone. I tried to find him, and I ended up at the police station, and well the officer said he'd call him but since the phone didn't work I had him call TC cause he's the only one I know out here, well beside you, and I really don't know you two that well but it was better than being on the street in a town I know nothing about, and I don't even know what hotel we are at, and  I got to go pee," Cody said trying not to look at Rick. He knew if he did the man would probably call him out on his story.

Rick stood up. "Pet, show Cody where the restrooms are and then both of you come right back here. Understand?"

Both boys answered with, "Yes sir," and moved off.

Rick walked over to one of the waiters. "Danny, I need you to call every hotel in the city if you have too, but I need to know where a Matthew Armstrong is staying," he instructed. "He's attending the Motorcycle show at the Cow Palace, so start with the hotels closest to it first."

"Yes sir," Danny said, "I'll get right on it."

TC grabbed Cody when he came out of the restroom. "I don't know what you're trying to pull, kid, but I guarantee you that Rick can see right through it," he told the wide eyed young man. "My advice to you is to stop trying to cover your
ass and tell him the truth. He'll help you if you let him."

Cody jerked his arm out of TC's hand. "Leave me alone," he yelled.

"Is there a problem here?" Jim asked startling both boys.

" sir," TC replied. "We were just on the way back to the table." He pulled Cody toward there table.

"Damn, he's almost as scary as Rick," TC whispered.

Cody slid back into the booth and picked up his now filled soda, he swirled the straw around the glass a few time, listening to the ice hit the side.  "Damn it," he said, "I am not a child. I should have been able to go look at that scooter
without his permission or to go see that tattoo person. He doesn't need to know where I am every second. Hell, I've been on my own since I was eighteen. I am old enough not to do something stupid; who the hell does he think he is anyway?"
Cody snapped not really at TC but he'd just lost it for a minute. He knew who he belonged to and the penalty for not obeying him.

TC stared at the younger man. Before he could say anything, Rick slipped back into the booth. "So from what I just heard it sounds more like Matthew lost you not the other way around." the big man said. "Is that pretty close to the

Cody blushed. "Yes, sir," he answered. "I was mad at Master because he wouldn't let me look around without him and walked away from him. And then I couldn't find him." He swiped at the tear running down his face. "I'm in so much trouble."

"Take it easy, bud." TC said. "Rick will find him for you. Won't you Rick?"

"It doesn't matter; he isn't going to want to keep me after I ran away."

"Cody," Rick stern voice cut through the boy's sobs, "Cody, I'll find Matthew and he will still want you."

Cody shook his head, "You don't understand, he won't see it as running away.  He'll see it as not obeying him and he told me before, well actually a few times, if we got separated from each other I was to stay where I am and he'd find me, and what did I do? I wandered off like a fool and got fucking lost
again," Cody sobbed. "Oh god, I am so stupid."

"Boy, I'm not going to put up with you calling yourself stupid," Rick warned.  "We'll find Matthew and you will accept the consequences for your actions. That master of yours loves you and won't want to give you up."

Just then Danny came back to the table and handed Rick a paper with a phone number on it. Rick looked at the paper. "Thanks Danny," he told the waiter.  Then he turned to the two boys and said, "I need to make a phone call. You two stay here I'll be right back."

Cody crossed his arms and threw himself into the back of the booth. He just glared at Rick's back as he moved away. He wanted to say make me, but he'd just told these two men he was not a child and that would be childish. "Whatever," he said taking a drink of his soda. Cody looked over at TC, "If I am meeting my doom when Matt comes and finds me can I at least have an adult drink.  Is there any rum for this?" Cody asked with a sweet smile.

"I wouldn't recommend it," TC told the reckless man across from him, "but hey, you're legal and it's your funeral." He motioned to Danny.

Danny gave TC a questioning look when Cody ordered his drink. TC just shrugged, "He's a big boy."

The waiter headed back to the bar then returned with Cody’s drink. When he was out of earshot again TC said, "Man, I don't want to be in your shoes when Rick gets back."

Cody took a drink, sighed and sat back. "This is good, not weak like they make at home," he said looking at TC. "Why would he be upset, Matt won't care?  It's not like I'm going to get wasted and dance naked on the dance floor." A sly smile came across his face and a glint of evilness sparkled in his eyes. He
looked up at TC and licked his lips, "Not unless you want to." He gave him a wink.

TC had taken a gulp of his soda just as Cody commented. He was caught off guard and spit the soda across the table. A bright red blush crawled up his face.  Cody laughed and said, "I guess I'll take that as a no."

"Good guess, brat," TC choked out.

Cody let a real laugh come from him. He rolled over onto the seat and laughed his heart out; as he came up for air he tossed TC his napkins so he could clean up his mess. Cody touched the charm on his collar and sighed. "When do you
think Rick will find Matt?" Cody asked. He tried to keep his voice from hitching but he failed at it. "As much as I like you guys I really want mine back," he said laying his head on his folded arms.

"Easy, bud, if my guess is right Rick's on the phone with your master right now," TC said trying to give the kid some hope.

Cody lifted his head from his arms. "You really think so, TC?" he asked swiping at his eyes.

"Yeah, that was a phone number Danny handed him," the older sub confirmed. "I'm pretty sure Rick had Danny call around looking for Matt so that was probably his number."

Letting out the breath he was holding Cody tipped his glass and swallowed some of his drink. More people came is as the afternoon faded away.  Every time the door opened Cody jumped and looked toward it. He let out a sigh when someone other than his Master came in. A few times he or TC had to chase a looker away. Cody was about ready to go hide behind Jim if they wouldn't leave him alone. "Maybe we should put on off limits sign on the table to keeps these guys away," Cody half smiled. The one in the black vest with the
flogger hanging from it the ring scared him the most. Even though Matt and he had played a few times, Matt never used anything to leave a mark. He didn't want to put Cody's job on the line.

"The regulars won't bother us," TC said. "They know I belong to Rick and am off limits." He looked around the club. "There are a few I've never seen before but Jim will keep an eye on them, so you don't need to worry."
The boys sat back and people watched, each commenting on the assortment of outfits coming in the door. Suddenly Cody jumped up. "Be right back, I gotta go pee," he said over his shoulder." He was gone before TC could stand up.

"Damn," TC growled. He started to go after the young man but remember that Rick had told him to stay there. He looked around for Rick and when he didn't see him he took off after Cody. TC hoped Rick would understand.

Cody finished and was walking out the bathroom when TC got there. A biker looking guy stood in the hall and smiled at Cody. He gave Cody the creeps. As Cody tried to slip pass him the guy blocked his path and next thing Cody knew the guy had him back in the bathroom with his back up against the stall door.  "I'm taken" Cody told the guy in a weak voice, showing him this collar.

"I don't care." the guy said grabbing the chain trying to snap it loose but it wouldn't break. All it did was cut into Cody's skin. Cody could feel something wet on his neck. The guy's breath smelled so bad it was making Cody's stomach turn. The biker turned around when he heard the door bang open.

"Hey," TC yelled, "leave him alone." The guy laughed and shoved TC back out into the hall. He jammed his foot against the door to keep it from coming open then turned his attention back to Cody. The guy grabbed Cody by the shirt and pulled him closer to him. He gave Cody a grin as his hand groped Cody.

In a panic TC slammed his shoulder against the door. He wasn't big but he was mad. The force must have taken the other man by surprise because the door flew open. Cody's tormentor turned to look at the door. The smaller man took that moment to knee his bigger foe and twist free. The biker bent over but he was still between Cody and the door. In a move he hadn't used since he was a little kid, Cody vaulted over the guy's back. He landed in front of TC but the
momentum propelled both of them out the door and smack into Jim.

Holding each brat by the scruff of their necks, Jim growled at them, "Get back to your table now!" He shook them for good measure before pushing them toward the main part of the club. The boys turned back to see the bouncer step into the restroom and close the door behind him.

Eyes wide Cody stood frozen in place.  "Cody, come on," TC hissed at him and grabbed his arm, "I'm in enough trouble I don't need any more."

"You didn't get hurt did you?" Cody asked as he slid back in to the booth. "God that guy scared the living shit out of me." Cody looked over at the door, "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT!" he screamed and went running across the room. Matt caught
him easily and spun him around. Cody wrapped his arms around his master neck and his legs around his hips holding on for dear life. Matt buried his face into his Boi’s hair and held on for dear life too. "I'm sorry. I missed you.  Please forgive me," Cody babbled. Matt carried his Boi back toward the table
where TC sat watching the reunion.

All three men turned at the ruckus coming for the hall leading to the restrooms. TC shivered when he saw Jim pushing the biker toward the back room. Rick came over from the back room, arm extended. "Hey, Matthew, it's good to see you
again," He said shaking Matt's hand. "Sorry it's under these circumstances."

"Good to see you too, Rick," Matt greeted Rick. "We were going to stop in after the show Saturday but I guess someone couldn't wait," he said squeezing the back of his Boi’s neck.

Cody flinched and Matt pulled his hand back with a smear of blood on it.  "What's this little boy?" he asked as he sat down and turned Cody around so he could see his neck.

"Ow," Cody whined, "it's ok, it's nothing.

Cody jumped at the well placed smack to his hip. "Stand still and let me look," his master growled. He pulled the shirt collar back and saw where the chain had bit into his Boi’s neck. Dipping one of the napkins in Cody's drink, Matt dabbed up the little bit of blood.

Cody hissed at the sting. Confused by the hiss, Matt picked up the drink and sniffed it. "Don't you think it's a little early in the day to be drinking?" he questioned.

"I didn't drink much," the Boi said.

"We'll talk about later. Now I want to know what happen to your neck."

Cody didn't say anything so Rick turned to TC. "Do you have any idea what happened, Pet?" he asked. "Did this have anything to do with the disturbance in the restroom?"

"Cody, either you tell them or I will," TC told his friend.

Cody looked at TC. He knew Matt would be pissed and probably Rick for that matter. He turned back to their Masters. "Umm, I, uh, had to go pee and well,
umm, a little, umm, and well I, umm," he stopped and closed his eyes. He had no idea how to say what had happen in the bathroom. He was afraid Matt might take it the wrong way and think that Cody was the one flirting and leave him there in
SF. So he closed his eyes. "That guy wanted me to, um, you know and well, I said I was taken, he said he didn't care and um, tried to pull my collar off and it cut my neck. Then he grabbed my," he pointed toward himself. "TC busted the door in because the guy had his foot blocking the door so when he looked at TC I jumped over his back and we ran into Jim, who told us to get our asses back to the table. We did and I saw you and then I ran to you" Cody blurted out all in one breath. "And that's truth, huh TC?"

TC stared open mouthed at his friend still trying to understand what he said.  Then he looked from Matt to Rick. Neither man looked too happy with Cody's confession. "Well, Pet, is that what happened?" Rick leaned down and asked his

"Yeah, I guess," he started. "Cody took off to go the restroom. I knew you told us to stay put, but I didn't think you would have wanted him to go by his self so I went after him." He watched his Dom closely and when Rick nodded he
continued, "Cody was coming back out when I got there. That biker guy was waiting for him and shoved him back in the room." He paused, looking down at the table. "I didn't know what to do so I just followed them. I told the guy to leave Cody alone and he shoved me out the door."

"Go on, Pet," Rick said, "what happened?"

"There wasn't time to get you or Jim. He had the door blocked so I just busted it open." He said wiping the sweat from his face. "Hell, I don't know how I got the door open but I did and Cody kneed the guy and got out. Jim was there and
told us to get back here." TC looked at Matt. "I didn't know he hurt Cody," he told him.

"Where is this guy, Rick?" Matt growled. "I'd like to have a word with him."

"I know how you feel, Matthew, but that won't be necessary," Rick said trying to calm Cody's Master.

Cody jerked away from his master. "It's not TC's fault. I'm the one who had to go pee," Cody said looking between both men. Cody dropped to his knees and took his master hand in his and kissed his palm. He then put his hands behind his back and bowed his head. "Forgive me Master for not obeying you when you told me not to leave the area, and for putting myself and my friend in danger.  I also beg forgivingness for not listening to Master Rick. I submit myself for punishment as you see fit," he said not taking his eyes off the floor.

TC looked on in alarm. Rick saw the look and moved to reassure his sub. Matt saw the look on TC's face too. He tilted his Boi’s face up to meet his eyes.  "We'll take care of it back at the hotel, Boi," he sternly told the young man at his feet. Matt slid into the booth across from TC and Rick then snapped his
fingers indicating Cody should kneel at his feet. His Boi did as he was instructed settling into his submission. "I'm sorry if Cody's request upset your boy, Rick. I don't think it was his intension," Matt said.

Rick took a sip of TC's drink before he replied. "I think it just took my Boi by surprise. Although I own this club and TC spends a good deal of time helping out here, we aren't in a Master/slave relationship," he explained. "TC is my sub and although he knows I will correct him in public, any real punishment is dealt with in private." Rick smiled when his sub tried to hide his blush. He squeezed TC's neck. "It's ok, Pet," he soothed his boy.

Cody laid his head against his Master knee. After a few minutes Matt looked down at him. "Ready to join in the conversation?" he asked.

"Yes sir," his Boi said. Matt slid over and patted the seat beside him. Cody stood and then sat beside his Master. He looked over at TC. "Sorry if I freaked you out but sometimes when I feel over my head I do that." he said trying to
explain what just happen.

"I am glad you called and let me know that you found my little wanderer," he laughed when he saw Cody roll his eyes. "But as much as I enjoy catch up, it's getting late and we need to get back to the hotel because the show starts early
tomorrow being it's the last day," he said pushing Cody a little. Cody stood and stepped to the side and with his hands behind him he waited.

"Well, the credit for finding Cody actually goes to him, Matthew," Rick said.  "If he hadn't of thought to call TC, I shudder to think what kind of trouble he could have gotten in to out there." He pulled TC up and dropped an arm over his boy's shoulder. "We are both glad we could help your boy out." The big man laughed," It was truly a unique experience spending the day with Cody, wasn't it, Pet?

Now it was TC's turn to roll his eyes, "Yeah," he laughed too, "maybe we can get together the next time you guys are in town, um, if it's ok with the big guys."

Cody looked up at his master but didn't say anything. Matt ruffled his Boi’s hair. "I’m sure Cody would like that, TC," he said, "but now we really need to be going." He reached out and shook Rick's hand. "Thanks for everything." He looked at Cody and cleared his throat.

"Um, yeah, thanks for everything," Cody repeated. As they moved to the door, Cody turned back and waved. "Bye," he said then grabbed for his Master’s hand as they disappeared through the door.

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