Monday, September 23, 2013

Streets Of San Fransisco (Cody's Aftermath)

Master and his boi,
This take place after Matt and Cody got back to their motel room,
All mistakes belong to Me and Sir Tramp Alot

Warning Paddle

Cody followed Matt to the bike; he was quiet as he put on his helmet. Once Matt
was on the bike Cody slid on behind him. Cody grabbed around Matt's waist as
the bike started with a rumble.  The newer Harleys didn't sound like this but
Matt had brought his pan head to show it off. Matt patted the hands that held
on tight as he got ready to pull out from the curb. Matt's mind was on how he
was going to handle Cody's punishment. Their truck was still hooked to the
trailer at the show. If they would have brought the car they could go off
somewhere and Matt could handle it in the back seat.

Matt pulled up to the hotel where they were staying.  After Cody slid off the
bike Matt looked at him as he handed him the key card. He slid his sun glasses
down just to the tip of his noise. "Room, shower, dry, don't dress, corner,"
Matt told him. Then pushed his glasses up and drove off leaving Cody standing
there in awe. Matt didn't look to see if Cody did as he was told, he knew the
boy would. He may just be a little spooked at the orders.

Cody swallowed and turned toward the door. He knew he better do as he was told
because he was in enough trouble already for taking off from the show. Once in
the room Cody did as he was told. The hot shower felt good to get the day's
smell and grim off. He then took one of the big towels and dried his body. He
didn't know how long Matt would be gone, so he tried to hurry. He knew he had
to be in the corner when his Master got back. Once he was completely dried he
stood in the corner close to the bed. He knew no one could see him standing there
if the door was to be open.

Matt drove to an area of the town that looked a little shady. He wondered if he
should just turn around and deal with Cody another way. He slowed his bike down
and looked at the different shops. He finally came to one that may just
have what he was looking for. He pulled up to the parking meter, turned off his
bike, and got off. Opening the saddle bag he pulled out a chain and locked the
bike. He then slipped a couple of quarters into the meter and walked into the
shop like he owned it.

Cody stood still when the locked chirped. He knew his master was back. The
door opened and then closed, the lock slid into place. "Well, I see you do know
how to listen," Matt said as he came over to the bed. He placed something down
on the bed and then sat down too. His boots hit the floor with a thud. Then
Cody heard him move around the room. Matt didn't say anything as he prepared the
room. He didn't like the idea of his boi taking off when he was told to stay
with him. Matt went over to the TV and turned it on then flipped through the
channels until he found a music one, loud enough but not too loud. He wanted his
boi to hear him as he moved around the room.

Matt sat back down on the bed and looked at his boi standing there naked as the
day he was born; a small scar ran across his left hip. Matt was not sure how
his boi got it, he never spoke of it. Matt stared at his boi and he could see
him fidget. Cody knew he was being watched.

Cody stood with his head held high and his hands behind him. His fingers
intertwined, feet apart just so, perfect sub stance. He stared at the wall.
Matt could tell that his boi was not thinking about today. Matt got up and moved
pillows to the edge of the bed and took something out of the bag and laid it out
so Cody could see it.

"Boi come here," Matt ordered. Cody didn't hesitate; he turned from the corner
and moved across the small space between him and his Master. His hands still
behind him, but his head was now bowed just a little. Cody came to a stop just
an inch from his Master feet.

"I didn't tell you to stay with me at the show because I wanted to disrespect
you as a man. I told you to stay with me because you don't know the area like
you do back home. I told you to stay with me because I love you and if
something had happen to you I would die inside," with that said Matt
stood. Cody could see how the pillows were arranged. He'd been here before he
knew what to do. "On your knees, ass up high, don't move.  Cry and scream all you
want, because this punishment will be memorable," he ordered as he helped his boi climb
onto the bed. He adjusted the pillows so his boi ass was high in the air.

Matt picked up what he had bought. Normally he would not use a paddle on his
boi; his hand was usually enough to get Cody to listen.  A few times he would use
his belt, but not tonight it might bring someone banging on the door. He showed
his boy the long thin paddle. It look like a wide paint stirrer, it was finely
polished and maybe a quarter inch thick. Cody could tell it was made from a
sturdy wood, probably cherry or oak, weak enough to sting, but strong enough not
to break apart or slice skin.

Cody swallowed hard, the "Yes Master," barely heard but it was said.

Matt patted the bare bottom in front of him once with his hand. "I don't want to
have to tie you down so stay put," he said and drew the paddle back. The strike
was hard and very painful. The pain was almost unbearable. Cody arched his
back like a cat and did his best not to scream but he did into the bed so it
would be somewhat muffled. The next one was just centimeters above the first.
Again Cody lurched forward and screamed. Matt lifted the paddle and

Six marks were laid across the tender pale flesh; four horizontal and two
diagonal. Matt put the paddle down and sat on the bed. He gently touched each
mark as Cody gasped for air.  His hair was wet with sweat and his face was a red
tear streaked mess. Matt took a damp cloth he had gotten beforehand from the bathroom 

and wiped his boi's face.

Matt striped off his clothes fast and slipped his hand under his boi's chest to pull Cody

against him as he gently lay next to his boi. No words where said.
Matt just laid there softly rubbing his boys back. Once he noticed his boi's
sobs became quiet, he did his best to move his boi without hurting him anymore.
Cody groaned but didn't wake. Matt laid the soft sheet over the battered
bottom. He gently kissed the wet face. "I love you, my sweet boi," he said as
he got up.

Matt went to the bathroom and showered to get the daily grime off. Once he was
dried he turned off the TV and climbed into bed as easy as he could so he would
not wake his boi. Once he was settled an arm slipped over his chest and a small
warm body slid closer to him. A wet cheek touched his shoulder and soft lips
touched his face, "I love you too."

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